Sunday, December 30, 2007

After along day of hard work and then shoveling the drive-way Blake decided to take
a snooze and I caught him with my camera! He doesn't believe he snores but now he can't
say he doesn't. I was laughing my head off the whole time I was doing it! I can't believe I didn't 
wake him up! He's in the living room right now snoozing away! Whenever he gets the chance! 


Brandi said...

Shanny you are so funny! I love that Blake has such a sence of hummor. He is such a good person, and we are so happy that he is in love with you. Hope you have a great day. Love Ya Bran

Chantri said...

LOL I just love this. I feel so much closer to Blake after Saturday! :) he he...sorry Blake...I couldn't resist! I love you two so much.

Jonna said...

You are bad Shannon! It is a good things Blake loves you. Most men, would seek out "sweet revenge."
Hopefully not Blake. Love your blog Shan....keep going.
Love you, MOM

Barb said...

Yeah! I'm glad you started blogging. It's fun to see what all you girls are up to!! Brandi, it's your turn...