Monday, February 11, 2008

Abby & Gidget - Sooo Funny!!!

After the temple dedication we went back to Blakes parents and ate dinner. Then we were just watching T.V. and hanging out and Abby and Gidget the dogs were playing around and I had to put it on camera! Its so funny! Abby the little cute Black dog you just want to squeeze her to death. She's so cute but she loves to bite!!


Jonna said...

That's hillarious! Abby got the best of Gidget...that's for sure.
I could hear Debbie laughing in the background....Tell her I still love her!

Love you too, MOM

Chantri said...

I rolled over laughing! Especially because everyone's giggles & laughes were contageous! Blake has such an awesome family. I miss seeing them. Love you.

Brandi said...

That was so funny! I think I laughed more at the laughter, then the dogs. That made my grumpy mood go away if only for a minuet. Thanks tons!!!

Jon/Con said...

I don't know Abby or Gidget but the picture was sure cute!! Happy Valentines Day Blake and Shannon.
Love ya, Grandma and Grandpa