Thursday, February 28, 2008

Go Justin!

Yesterday Blake and I headed down to Shelley and went to Justin's game and of course they won! I thought I would record a little of his game to show my handsome nephew off! Hopefully we will be able to go to more of his games this year! Great job Justin. 


Chris said...

Shannon, you are awesome!!! Thanks for doing that. You made me baby is growing up!! We are all so lucky to have you as a part of lives. My kids love their "Aunt Shannon". Luv ya, Chris

Chris said...

Look I did it..I left ya a comment! YEA !! I love your blog and check it daily. Keep up the great job !! Tell that little brother of mine HI... Talk to ya later!!

Chris said...

Thanks Aunt Shannon. That was nice of you to do that. I know I look good out there so pass this along to any hot chicks...Justin

Stephanie said...

Love it Shannon you are such a sweetheart we love you so much and we are so glad we have you. Tell that brother of mine hi to and that we love him.

Chantri said...

What a STUD!!! Look at him tearing up the floor. Star of the team I'm sure!
I am SO jealous of get to go to games again! Fun. I can't wait until Logan is old enough to get us out and watching some good games. Fun stuff. You are such a great Aunt! :) Love ya tons. and tons. and tons...oh and tons!

Jonna said... are so cute!
Love you, and miss you!