Thursday, June 19, 2008

Aww...So Sweet!!!

I was at work today and  a co-worker paged me and told me I had a delivery up front and I was thinking who would send me something. I never ordered anything. To my surprise..a dozen roses from my wonderful husband! I couldn't ask for someone more perfect! So today was Blake and I's One year Anniversary since we've known each other and we went on our first date! June 19th, 2007 was the date about 7:30 P.M. when he picked me up and we went to Outback Steakhouse and then to "We Are Marshall" and then we weren't apart after that! Tonight we went to Outback Steakhouse just to bring back memories...our bench was taken but we still had a wonderful time! Love ya Blake!  


The Russells said...

I never knew Blake had that
"romantic gene" in him. None of the other Carter men do - sorry dad - or any of the brother -in-laws for that matter!! Way to go little bro'! Teach them others a thing or two will ya!! Seriously, it is a day to celebrate. We are so happy Shannon is a part of our lives!! I knew though that after she went to the cabin with us last year and saw what she saw("G's" everywhere)and heard what she heard(too many toots to count) and she stuck around...she was a keeper!! Love you both too much!!

Mandie said...

Those flowers are beautiful. I have to say that Blake is pretty special. He is pretty good about remembering those kind of things and I think that is awesome. I am also glad that Blake found you, because you have brought him so much joy and happiness and also you have added so much happiness to our family. We love you both and congrats on your 1 year meeting date. Love ya

Jonna said... are one spoiled girl!
Your sister in laws are right, not many men have a romantic side. You truly need to count your blessings. Most men don't even remember the real anniversary. Such a sweet guy.

Stephanie said...

How fun.. I do have to say that I think my brother is the best. It has been so fun to watch you two the last year and how much joy and happiness you both bring each other. Congrats and may there be many more to come . We love you both so very very much. Glad we didn't scare you off Shannon I was a tad worried at the beginning like Chris said we are kinda a wild loud bunch oh well we like to have fun and you just fit right in when the party is going on.

Chantri said...

Those are SO pretty! I am super darn impressed Blake! Shan you are so lucky to have such a wonderful husband who would do anything for you. How fun to go back to Outback...can you believe it has already been a year?
So if you get a dozen roses for your first meet anniversary...what the heck will you get for your wedding anniversary? I'm anticipating it!

Brandi said...

The card seriously brought tears to my eyes...I know I am such a dork! I am so happy that you guys have each other. How sweet for him to have remembered and done something about it...that is what impresses me. Jason would have remembered, but a dozen roses and dinner NOT A CHANCE!!! Love you