Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

You already have approached Magnificent just so you know!
Just thought I would wish you a Happy Birthday Mom!
Hope you get to do everything that was planned for
your perfect Birthday! I won't say your over the hill yet.
2 more years to go then I might have to.
Luv Ya Tons! Talk to you later.


Jonna said...

Thanks Shannon! You're a sweetheart. I also love the layouts of my cute grandkids. Keep up the great work. Tell Blake Thanks for the Birthday call! I was on the phone with my Mom, when he called. I've actually been on the phone all morning long....and we all know how much I love that!!!

The Carter Life said...

Yes I know you love that...I don't think that was on your Birthday list! Sorry! I warned you that I was going to call though. You can't be mad at me. Hope your having a great day! Luv Ya!

Brandi said...

Shannon you are so cute with words! I sure do love you!!!