Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sweet Sunglasses!

Love the shades Bridger and Addi! Maybe your mom can pick some out for me so I can look cool this summer! Luv Ya! 


Brandi said...

That is just soooooo cute! You are such a cute aunt to do this for the kids! I love the layout, and I love the ideas that you have. You are very creative, and I hope that you keep doing it. EVEN if it does take a long time!!! It takes me forever too, and I don't think that it is getting any easier!

Jonna said...

Shannon I love the colors that you choose for your darn cute!! The sunglasses crack me up. I need some like that myself. When I finally decide to sit down & figure it all out...I will summon your help!!!

Mandie said...

Love your layouts, they are so darn cute. I have to start learning how to do all of that fun stuff. You are getting pretty darn good at it keep up the good work. Talk with ya later. Love ya!