Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fireworks at The River!

Last Night Blakes family and I went and watched the Fireworks down by the River and they were beautiful just like last year and I thought I would record the finale for whoever missed the big show or just saw a glimpse of it from there I hope you enjoy and come next year! Maybe we can enjoy them together as a great big family!!!



The Russells said...

That's awesome!! So glad you guys made it and put up with all our loudness and chaos!! We love you both sooo much!! We're doin' smores and campfire at mom's Sunday nite around plan to be there!!

Brian and Danielle said...

awesome awesome video! thanks for documenting it for me because I missed it and wished I could have been there with you!

Brandi said...

What a great idea! We didn't really get to see any fireworks this year! I will have to show that to Bridger-he would love it! Maybe next year we can all plan to go! FUN FUN!!!

Shayna said...

(this is Shayna, Blakes Cousin... The Twilight reader) WOW... that video is awesome. I am glad that someone got the video of it. Now when I tell people about it I have proof of how incredible they are. I am sad that we really didnt talk much but we have the future. You have to tell me what you think about the books. I have added you guys to my blog too... so keep in touch

The Mabry's said...

Great video!! :) It was fun to see you guys at the fireworks...I just wish we had more time to talk!! Maybe next time! Glad to see you guys are doing great! I added you guys to our blog so we can keep in touch!!
talk to you soon!!