Saturday, August 23, 2008

Goodbye Gray!

Lastnight Blake and I said goodbye to "Gray" his truck...More like his baby! We've been trying to sell it even though we don't want to but  it doesn't get drivin' enough and its just money that were throwing away each month so we posted it online and some kid from Cedar City, Utah and his friend drove all the way up and gave us a check from the bank and we had to watch them drive off with it last night. It was sad. I think it brought a tear to blakes eye.  It saves us $600.00 each month now. That makes us happy though. We were thinking about how lucky we are. We don't have credit card debt...We don't have a truck payment anymore...all we have is the usual house bills and a house payment! We are doing good for a young couple just starting out. Most young couple have so much credit card debt they don't know what to do! We don't have any...Blake cut up the only one we have after he had payed off everything he had put on it for the yard and because he said it is just so easy to swipe! So now we don't have one! It's probably a good thing!


Jonna said...

I'm really proud of you guys! I'm sure that pretty truck was hard to part with. One day soon, he will be able to get another one even prettier! Out of debt.......two smart cookies. Love you!

Brandi said...

Oh so long truck! Sorry Blake that you had to say goodbye to your baby. That will be nice to have the extra money. That is just wonderful!!!

Mandie said...

That is great that you guys sold the truck. I feel for Blake I know how much he loves his trucks, but soon he will get when he loves even more. Hang in there you guys are great. Love you both tons.