Friday, February 11, 2011

Just Us Chicks


Paige Telford said...

Very cute!

Brandi said...

OH MY HECK!!! Cuteness... I love love love the pages. They are just darling. I love love love even more the pictures of you and Oaks. She has to be the cutest little girl. You always have her looking so darn adorable. She gets her cuteness from her mom! You are beautiful in those pictures. Just to cute. She is getting so big, pretty soon she will be celebrating her 2nd birthday. That is just crazy to me.

I love the new look of your blog. Text me where you got your fun stuff from. Its just cute!!!

Please keep blogging. I love to see the stuff you do. I wish I was closer so I could see her more. I love you guys so much.

Jonna said...

HOLY COW! Will wonders never cease!
I'm with Brandi, please keep it up. You will be so glad that you documented this fast growing little oaks. I also love the layout, it's so darn cute, just like you and sweet little Oakleigh.

Stephanie said...

Very cute! Just love that little cutie you Oakey Pokey.