Sunday, December 30, 2007

its blogging time...

Yes, you heard me... I am FINALLY in on this blogging world! Blake & I took a trip to Rexburg tonight because Stacey was having a few guys over to watch the UFC Fight on PPV and Blake & him have been talking about watching it for some time now. So Chant & I were able to hang out, and design my blog. I am using her new Sugar & Spice cute! But we had a great time hanging out...we really got a lot of time to ourselves because Boston went to bed around 8 & Logan hung on Blake's arm the whole night...seriously! He told Chant to "Go AWAY" when she went to take him to bed. Chant & I were both shocked how much he warmed up to him and seriously didn't want to have anything to do with anyone BUT him! It was so cute. He loves his uncle "bAKE"!

Well that's it for tonight. I am just new to this so be patient with me! :)


Bran said...

Yea...I know now it is my turn and I will soon...

I love it... It looks so dang cute. You will have to tell us all about your new married life. We love you so much.

Jonna said... I'm jealous. I need professional help designing my blog as well. Dad thinks I'm crazy anyway, but it does give you time to sit and think, if nothing else. Brandi has to get going now! I'm glad you are enjoying married live. I was thinking just this morning.."Blake is one of a kind." A real keeper. We love him, for loving you! A true gift from heaven. Love you MOM