Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Perfect Dress for Wedding!

So I was so excited when I went to Ross
yesterday and found the perfect dress
for Dani's wedding. A Pink and Brown Dress
with White Polka-Dots! I was so excited.
I was jumping up and down inside. I just
have to show everyone to see what you 
think? I wish I could have found a headband 
like addi or boston's that was my size cuz
it would have been so cute with my dress!


Danielle said...

OH shanny, I love it! It is perfect! Nice work! you will look so so super cute! Can't wait! Only 38 more days till you can wear it!! haha

Chantri said...

I love that dress! Gee...sure wish I could fit into that size!!! ;) You are going to loos SO so pretty. I bet you can't wait until the wedding to wear it!!!

Brandi said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! So dang cute. You will be the star of the show, AFTER DANI ofcourse. She will be a stunning bride.

Randall, Annalee, and Mack said...

I love that dress...I want one!! I bet it looks dang cute on you.

Jonna said...

Oh my do you always find such cute things!
Find me something cute for this wedding Shanny.

Brian and Danielle said...

okay honestly Shanny, I love the dress so much but Im sick of looking at it everytime I open your blog...NEW POST!!!