Friday, April 18, 2008

I'm Back!

So I was watching Martha Stewart and I saw this lady making these
cute Wood Blocks so I decided to try it. What do you think?
I need your honest opinion!  Maybe I'll start selling them if you think
it would be worth it?


Jonna said...

Shannon those are really cute. Mom and I love them! We even like the block in the middle. Where are you going to put them? Good job!

Chantri said...

It's about flippin' time!!! I love them-they turned out SOOO cute! Did you use modge podge (sp?) or just paint?

The Carter Life said...

I painted the blocks black and then after I finished it all I used Mod Podge on top!

Brandi said...

Shanny those are really cute! I like them a lot. I think that you could surely sell them. You could do all sorts of things, like CARTER in cute blocks to put somewhere! Very good!

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